How to rate the items on Themeforest?

When someone rate our themes we get a perfect reason everytime to work more hard for our themes and customers. Rating system is nothing but it’s just a way to know whether your customers are satisfied by your products or not.

It’s a bridge between buyers and sellers, so we urge our customers to leave their review by rating us for our Themes/Templates.

Step 1:  Login to your Themeforest Account, and navigate to your Account.

Step 2: Click to Downloads

Step 3: Search for our Themes there in the list and rate us by clicking on the star icons as shown in the screenshot below.


Note: If you have any issues or problems with our themes then please do inform us using our contact us page. For that do not use rating system to leave negative reviews.

We welcome all the advices and suggestions from our customers, that how can we improve our themes and services.